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“Had a couple scotches and just woke up dick out on a mates couch”.Local Ressie Battler recounts times he’s pulled a‘Sidey’

Norman Wilson enjoys the simple things in life.Hot Gravy on his chips,a cold beer in his hands and avoiding the mandatory annual skin fold test.“Look I won’t be able to make the test today Skip,promised the girlfriend I’d spend the arvo with her watching Masterchef”.If there’s one thing Norm doesn’t make an excuse for it’s the end of season trip.

“Mate you think that story is wild,should have been there for end of season trip to Darwin 09”.As much of a certainty as death and taxes,the group trucks will gladly retell their heroic drinking stories after putting away one or five scotches.“I don’t get why this is such a big news story,I’ve had much bigger nights and ended up arse out on Chelsea beach,but you don’t hear anyone pumping my tires up”.

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