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Inside Essendon VFL Head Coach Mark Corrigan’s Bizarre Coaching Methods

Essendon’s newly appointed VFL Head Coach,Mark Corrigan,has only been in charge since November without even a single official match to his name but he’s already raising a few eyebrows.At Back Pocket Bulletin we’ve gotten some exclusive comments with one of the Essendon players who didn’t wish to be named for fear of retribution.

“At training and during our practice matches he’s always trying to pump up the boys by referring to the Battle of Stalingrad and whenever we’re not kicking straight,he’ll yell at us to‘kick it in their f***ing goal hole!'”

“In our last team meeting he introduced us to the radical plan to merge the forward line and the midfield which he entitled ‘Project Zeus’ and then followed it up by making us watch all 4 hours of ‘Das Boot’.”

“At this rate I think he’ll need to be sectioned!” exclaimed the Essendon Insider.

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