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You can take the boy out of Broadmeadows but you can’t take the Broadmeadows out of the boy.Eddie provides insight into debating strategy.

McGuire denies that he was combative during the fiery edition of Footy Classified.“That’s just how it’s done.Someone comes at you,you come back harder.When they’re saying things like have you reflected and answer the question,that’s when you know you’ve backed them into a corner.”When asked about the Socratic method of constructive argument and well thought out rebuttals,McGuire simply responded:“Rebuttal?You can stick it up your rebuttal.”Nonetheless,our reporters pressed him on his defiant walk-out part way through the program.“No you’re not listening to me.At that stage you’ve won the argument,you’ve got nothing to answer for and you can just get up and leave,like I’m about to do right now.”McGuire left no further comment.

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