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New thinking leads to great success for the Bombers

Due to COVID-19 all clubs have had to implement cuts to their coaching and support staff.One club,the Bombers,have shown a dramatic increase in performance through this period.One member from the Essendon coaching team sat down with BPB to share some insight into their recent success.

“Since we had to cut a few staff – we were looking at becoming more efficient with what we had.Implementing AGILE methodology was a simple choice.The hardest part was picking between Jira and Trello.Some people think it’s all a load of jargon,but not me.I believe this new Blue-sky thinking has allowed us to get our ducks in a row.We’ve been able to hammer out results for the end-users by picking the low-hanging fruit.It just wouldn’t be possible without our new helicopter view.”

The BPB also discovered that implementing this new method cost the Essendon football club over $5 million in consultancy fees.

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