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Gamer’s “rage” at belittling footy commentary

Wesley is angry.A lifetime video-game enthusiast and Essendon tragic,he had always exercised the belief that his two passions could exist concurrently.After watching a recent broadcast segment featuring the “gadget type operators” of one the AFL’s very-own eSports teams,Wesley’s belief is waning.

“Old men hate gamers”,exclaimed Wesley when asked about how the AFL’s venture into the gaming industry had been popularly received.“Gamers get sh**on more than paedophiles,and people that defend Game of Thrones season 8”.

Speaking to a Back Pocket Bulletin journalist,Wesley went on to describe how insult had been added to injury through the recent AFL commentary.“We were referred to as ‘computer type boffins’ by one of the most ‘boffin’ looking men I have ever seen”,remarked Wesley,referring to Channel 7’s Brian Taylor.Our journalist from the Back Pocket Bulletin nodded in agreement.

The BPB understands that with the recent spike in gaming popularity through Australia’s Covid-19 lockdown,this activity is now mainstream for most boys and girls.

“It’s not the domain of the typical ‘geek’ anymore” pleaded the enraged Bombers fans “And this could become a legitimate past-time for most young Essendon fans if they carry on the way they are going”.We at the BPB are inclined to agree.

More to come…

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