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Players crack onto Bruce McAvaney’s voodoo–BPB exclusive

It’s 8pm in the locker room,well after the post-match debrief as players huddle around the television screen.“Run that back”demands the team captain.A clearly disgruntled video coordinator obliges.“Gee,that looks good off the boot”proclaims McAvaney as another shot on goal fades late.The opposing team take a quick kick-in down the middle and within a matter of seconds,find themselves having a set shot on goal.“You’d back him in from here.He doesn’t miss these ones.”The seasoned McAvaney,approaching his 6th decade of television seems absolutely certain.

“I’ve had enough of Bruce putting the mozz on everyone,even blokes from other teams.I’m pretty certain he knows what he’s doing at this stage.”commented an anonymous player when asked about McAvaney’s tendency to call a goal before it’s kicked.“Yeah have a look at this”.One of the younger players pulls out his phone,displaying a screenshot of live odds at that stage of the game.“My um… mate sent this to me.The unders bet is in jeopardy of not getting up and you have Bruce blowing his load before[redacted]is even facing the goal to start his run up.Same situation a minute later at the other end of the ground.Explain that one.”“Isn’t he working from home?How is he even doing this?”,another player ponders.“Gee he’d like to have that one back”.The shot sails well wide of goal.The commentary team have a chuckle,McAvaney’s lingering a for a little longer…

BPB does not suggest that Bruce McAvaney is capable of manipulating shots and is merely stating the opinion of players.

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