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Hamish McLachlan applies for JobKeeper after AFL AusKicker of the Year is cancelled.

People always complain about their friends who get jobs at their dad’s business,but no one ever mentions the fact that Hamish McLachlan only has his job because his brother is the CEO of the AFL.He didn’t have a job interview for the role of interviewing the AusKicker of the year.All he has to do is chat to kids about their favourite footy player.

Hamish is rumoured to be devasted after the AusKick program was cancelled.“It is the centre of my being,without an award to arbitrarily award to one child a year who am I really?It gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning.At least I can sit back and watch the half time show without the stress of a child not high fiving me when I put my hand up.”

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