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Essendon drywallers buck economic downturn

Corona virus has been tough on small businesses across the world,but one industry appears to be thriving in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.Grant Ellison,of Niddrie Plastering&Tiling reports that drywalling and plastering call-outs have increased tenfold.

“It’s a really strange phenomenon.Weekday business is dead then on the weekends,I get more jobs than I can even handle.Every customer without fail has footy gear on and reckons the fist-shaped holes in their wall were from their kids mucking around,or from moving furniture.”

“They all look down at their feet and don’t really elaborate further.I’m not complaining though,they can play cricket in their lounge rooms for all I care.”

“I reckon the truth is that they’ve probably been throwing some wild parties and don’t want me to dob them in.”

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