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Numerology the secret to young Power success;Butters(18),Georgiadis(19),Rozee(20)and Duursma(21)with consecutive numbers.

During a weekend trip to Glenelg in the summer of 2018 Ken Hinkley visited the Glenelg pier.There he saw at a table at the end of the pier,a woman with dark brown hair,wearing a deep rose coloured dress.There she sat at a clothed table,on which a card sat:“Fortunes,Readings and Blessings.”

Ken,curious,sat at the table.“I want to return the Power to their former glory – how can I do this?” The woman took his hand,closing her eyes.She whispered quietly under her breath as if interpreting signals from an unknown ether.Her lids snapped open and she stared in Ken’s steely eyes.“You must embrace the flow – create order in your universe and the saplings will flourish.”

“What does that mean?” asked Ken anxiously but the woman had turned her head – indicating for him to leave.Ken rose and began to walk back down the pier.His brow furrowed – the event had impacted him.He shook his head as if to clear his thoughts;mind returned to the topic weighing upon him – the upcoming draft.

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