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Fortitude Valley set for extensive rebuild after Mitch Robinson mistakes own shadow for football.

What started off as a night of celebration ended up like a scene out of I Am Legend.A number of Lions,including Robinson who played his 200thgame of AFL football on Friday night,were out for dinner,when the veteran Lion went off on a rampage without warning.Hugh McLuggage recounts the hour-long frenzy.

“We’d just wrapped up dinner at Golden Palace and we were waiting outside for our Ubers.It was a beautiful moonlit night and we were just having a chat when suddenly,Robbo started snarling – we looked over and he had this crazed look on his face.He smashed up a bunch of shopfronts,and headbutted some parked cars,bouncing around like Sonic the Hedgehog.

In the end we had to call Fages and get him out of bed to calm Mitch down.We thought he might’ve still been dirty from that missed free-kick in the last quarter but he reckons he saw a phantom footy.”

Robinson escaped with a few minor cuts–Ann St bar and restaurant owners not so lucky,with recovery efforts expected to take as long as a year.

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