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“Just a friendly tug and shake”:ex-Tiger justifies grabbing another man’s penis

An unnamed former Richmond player has approached BPB to clarify Jayden Short and Nick Vlastuin’s actions after the Tiger’s Tuesday night win over Brisbane.Post-game footage shows the pair touching the penis and asshole of Mabior Chol,who was unreceptive towards these actions.

“There’s been a massive hubbub raised over what I thought was a pretty harmless gag and I really shouldn’t have to go into bat for them.Was it gross?Not really.Was it weird?Maybe,if you’ve never played footy.Sexual assault?Not one bit,you should see what some of the boys used to–Actually,can we start over?

“It was just your bog-standard dick grab y’know.Just a coupla fingers up the butt,to let him know that he’s a more of a permanent fixture in the first team now.It’s not like I’m leaving them in there.”

When asked if Chol was targeted because of his race,he replied:“No,I want to make it absolutely clear that AFL is an inclusive game and everyone gets the same treatment – a quick jab in the asshole and shake of the cock,real harmless stuff.”

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