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Subtlety thrown out the door in new series of betting ads.

You don’t need Allen Iverson or Samuel L Jackson to convince people to gamble;a new betting agency is proving this by throwing their hat into the oversaturated yet insatiable Australian betting ring.Fortune888Bet have released a number of ads,airing during AFL matches that depict authority figures goading the viewer to bet.One ad features Uncle Sam telling the viewer“I need YOU,to put on this multi”,while another shows Josef Stalin saying“A single missed leg is a tragedy,so put on heaps of multis.DO IT NOW.”

Punter Brenton Cunningham was asked about his thoughts on the ads.

“They’re just barking instructions at me through the TV.It’s a completely tactless approach but by God,I want to win big and stick it to these grubs.”

When pressed on the legality of these ads,a Fortune888Bet representative replied:“We are a sports entertainment wagering group,not a betting company.We have paid a handsome fee to your–uh,our government officials so you can be sure that everything is well and legal.Wager on,mates!”

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