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Worsfold to work from home for the remainder of the season.

John Worsfold today has come forward to reveal the!0 nature of his current role,announcing plans to call it quits sooner than his anticipated end-of-season contract expiration date.

“If it wasn’t clear to all of you that I’ve put the cue back in the rack,I’ll spell it out for you:I don’t give a toss.I’m a head coach in the same sense that Warney is a PhD graduate.”

“If you’ve seen me talking on the boundary,I’m most likely chatting about Ozarks or reminiscing about some of the blokes I’ve concussed.I’ve memorised one set of press-conference scripts for wins and one for losses.They wheel me out as a human meat shield and after this past month,I’m sick of it,I’m going back to WA.Not even the fiver I get from Caracella everytime I say‘learnings’on air makes up for it.

“Truck is a big boy,he can handle his own interviews.Please let me go home and see my family.”

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