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“Haha we’re playing in September” jokes supporter of cellar-dwelling club

“Hey,at least we’re playing in September this year!Haha!” announced Commodities Trading Analyst Tim Lucas,at his start-of-week meeting.

It produced a round of laughs but the meeting pre-amble continued,as his co-workers discussed their teams’ resounding victories on the weekend.Hmph,not even taken seriously enough for a pile-on to that statement.Why couldn’t his Kangaroos just be good for once?

“Injuries…bloody injuries” mumbled Tim,not realising that his microphone was unmuted.

“What was that mate?” asked his boss.

“No-nothing” stammered Tim.

“Hey maybe you should forget about footy for a few weeks,we’re getting a bit worried…”

Tim’s mind had wandered off already.Without footy,without WINNING footy,there was no reprieve from the unending slog of a journey called life.Year after year,they couldn’t put it together.If this was the 90s,he’d be having the time of his life and shoving it in everyone’s dumb faces.If only North could land a big fish.If only Brad Scott got removed years ago.If only-

“Hey Tim,you got that report ready for us pal?”

“Y-yeah,I’ll shoot it though.”

At least they were playing in September.Haha.Heh.

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