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Local codger claims to have invented swingman strategy.

Ron Tudgely,whose most recent post was coach of the Nirrumbiji Eagles U-15s,approached BPB to reveal how his strategy shaped the game as we know it and to discuss the rise and fall of his coaching career.

“I’ve been sitting on it for decades now and I can’t hold it in anymore – I invented pushing the full-back up to full-forward when we needed a goal.It was a massive revelation – the VFL was starting to take notice of me.Then that bastard Hafey got me drunk at the pub one day,and I spilled the beans and imparted every bit of coaching wisdom I had in me onto him.Am I bitter?No.But I would say his four premierships should all be credited to me,and me alone.”

“Anyway,back to the tactic.It’s genius,pure genius.The opposition backmen never see it coming because they haven’t sized the full-back up and don’t know that he can take a grab. I used it heavily,in addition to my other bag of tricks to coach Wendouree to the flag in 1973.I was this close to being offered a job by several clubs in the VFL,but my drinking and love of chasing skirt got in the way.”

“I was a real hit with the ladies and boy there were some real fine ones.I’ll tell you all about it if you buy me another pint.”

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