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Bloke with aggression issues indignant that opponent would retaliate.

Standing at 168cm,Jonathon Malone might not look overly imposing but as soon as he steps onto the field,it is clear that he is a tough,angry unit.His teammates,the umps,the tuckshop lady and just about everyone in the division is aware.The midfielder is no stranger to throwing his nuggety frame around,an activity that has landed him in hot water on numerous occasions.Both Malone and his captain Peter Christakis gave BPB time after their Saturday afternoon fixture to clear up Malone’s negative reputation.

HT:“Thanks for your time fellas,I know you’re both keen to get home.Jon,how do you respond to people calling your behaviour unsociable and borderline criminal?”

JM:“It’s just a bit of push and shove most of the time.Everyone should get over it if I’m being honest.It’s who I am,that’s just how I play.Footy’s a contact sport and it’s a shame that so many soft****s feel the need to have a sook.Tells you all you need to know about the state of our society right now.”

HT:“We have footage here of you here spitting on an opponent that you’ve just tackled and following it up with a haymaker on another player.The field umpires thought it was worthy of a deregistration but you managed to appeal that down to 26 weeks and a two year-long good behaviour bond.Let’s just wait for that to load up.”

[Both players are shown the footage]

JM:“Yeah I know the video doesn’t look too great but I honestly thought it was more of an open-handed palm at the time.Also,what the video doesn’t catch is that weak*****giving me a shove off the ball like the dog that he is.”

HT:“Would you call that an overreaction?”

JM:“Seems like you’ve made up your mind already mate.I don’t have to defend myself here,I’m off.”

HT:“Your thoughts Peter?”

[Peter glances over his shoulder]

PC:“Yeah that one was a shocker.He’s always taken footy quite seriously.Call it white line fever or whatever but in all honesty,it just makes games really unenjoyable.He’s way too keen to fly the flag over the smallest things,most of the time a teammate who’s just copped a bump or high tackle is telling him to cool it.There’s been so many times where-”

JM:“OI,you leaving or WHAT?”

PC:“Um yeah you’d hate playing against him but you don’t mind having him on your team haha.Thanks.See ya.”

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