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Daniher return gives hope to children of absentee fathers across Australia.

For most of Daniel Clement’s life,his father had supposedly been serving in the Navy,promising a return that never seemed to come,with the mad Bomber fan drawing parallels to star forward Joe Daniher’s timeline for suiting up again for the red and black.

“He said he was ducking down to the shops and then he never came home.Mum told me not to worry and to forget about him,which was a strange reaction to Dad going missing.Then I got a letter from him,that basically said that he got called up to the Navy and that he wouldn’t be back for a while.”

“It was weird because he was a musician and never mentioned being in the navy.Also,we weren’t at war with anyone at the time but as a 6-year old,I didn’t question it.Just like Joe,he kept saying that he’d be back every few months.His last letter was years ago now,hopefully he’s due for long service leave or something.”

“Joey playing again has given me a real sense of hope,I thought he was stringing the Bombers along for ages.I can really believe that Dad will come back now as well and I can’t wait for him to run through the door and give me a big hug.”

“He’ll be really mad that Mum’s gotten remarried though.”

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