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Supercoach nerds ruin game of footy

Ryan McDonald was stoked to have been invited around to watch the footy at workmate Michael Hughes’s house.The pair had great banter at the office and maybe this was a chance to break through the work friend-actual friend barrier,while becoming mates with some of Michael’s mates.Two hours of male bonding over a couple of cold ones,what better way to spend a Friday night,he thought.Ryan didn’t know it yet but he was in for a grueling ordeal.

“Welcome welcome.Settle in mate,help yourself to the Doritos.”

The other lads introduced themselves but quickly fixed their gaze firmly back on their phones.

“Hmm do I bring in Macrae this week?”pondered one of the boys.

“Yeah that’s right mate,keep doing your trades at the 11th hour.Did mine first thing at the office this morning.”

Ryan quickly dismissed these red flags as quirks of the group.

“Ha,you guys like your Supercoach hey?”asked Ryan with a chuckle

“Sure do mate,sure do.”

The game had scarcely lasted a few minutes before Ryan realised that he had made a big mistake.

“Give the ball to Bont!****s sake.”

“NO don’t handball it Kelly you idiot.”

“YEWW,contested mark and effective kick,points in the bank.Absolute ball magnet.That’s why I made him captain”asserted Michael,with a beaming grin on his face.He looked like a 9th grader who had just gotten to dance with the hottest girl at the school social.

There was a freeflowing,end-to-end game of footy on display that seemed to be going completely unappreciated by the company he was with.Ryan had a crack at steering the chatter back towards the game at hand.

“Really loving this run and carry from the Giants”

“Yeah,they’re looking–KELLY YOU****,DON’T DISH IT OFF”

The supercoach commentary degenerated into primal noises as the beers evaporated,with Ryan occasionally having a sip from his first.


“Give it back to him–nnyessss”

The half-time siren came as a merciful respite for Ryan.

“Alright thanks for having me fellas,the missus is expecting me back by 9.”Ryan hightailed it.

“Bit of a quiet bloke hey?”

The boys nodded in agreement.

“Thought you said he was a funny guy.”

“Nah must be real whipped–hey Conigs is only on 30 what the hell.”

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