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“I’m still hopeful”:Lynch’s doctor hits back on bizarre speech ailment

The BPB’s ongoing investigation into Alistair Lynch’s breathing and speech pattern has recently hit a major breakthrough.Dr Ronald Mitchell,child’s speech pathologist has contacted this publication to provide unprecedented insight into his ongoing treatment of Lynch.

“I’ve been treating Lynchy for over 40 years.His sharp,audible,violent inhale when speaking has always plagued him.I remember his mother bringing him into my office when he was just a young lad.She was in a state,didn’t know how to fix his inhalation problem.He was suffocating whilst talking at times!Years of work and he can now talk without going blue in the face.But alas,he still can’t quite get his words out without that sharp inhale of breath.”

Mr Mitchell went on to advise that despite retiring from practice eight years ago,he still continues his weekly treatment of Lynch.“I just couldn’t let go of this case,” he said.“Most patients I treat for only a couple of years.Usually they are cured by age 14 or 15.But this case is different.It’s my own personal Everest.I’m still hopeful we can sort out the issue.” Upon questioning from BPB that perhaps he was not equipped to fix such a significant problem,Dr Mitchell declined to comment.

More to come.

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