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“The Game Just Isn’t What It Used to Be”.Commentary Icon walks away from the game mid Footy Frenzy.

The BPB comes with breaking news this evening as an unnamed commentator has announced his retirement as of immediately.The ex-commentator not wanting to be named to in order to protect his lofty reputation from any more ridicule from social justice warriors.“Look I understand the Sir Doug Nicholls Round wasn’t my best work,I didn’t have much to go off.I was just noting what I saw and normally when I do that Bruce and the boys laugh their head off.What was I supposed to do?Talk about the Nando’s spread?”

This news comes as a shock to the whole football community,but the signs had been there that the spark had faded.“I thought I was making it too obvious about not wanting to be there anymore,what more can I do to send a sign then mess up players names!The game just isn’t what it used to be.There’s no biff in it anymore,everything is either offensive or not politically correct!”.We wish this unnamed genius all the best for the future as he follows his dream into the world of theatre and acting.“I’ve been acting for 15 years;I’ll tell you what I’ve gotten bloody good at it by now”.

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