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Josh P Kennedy caught moonlighting as school tuck-shop lady

COVID-19 has put a dent into the average savings account with AFL players being no exception.Star swan Josh P Kennedy was spotted standing behind the canteen counter at Warranbirri High School,assembling toasties and counting change.

Principal Neil Green was asked about his decision to hire the 32 year-old.

“He came to us saying that he’d do anything,the COVID pay cuts put a bit of strain on his lifestyle.I think he had Phys Ed teacher or groundskeeper in mind but we only had an opening in the canteen.He had everything we were looking for in a tuckshop lady–the big barrel chest and worn,chiseled face for putting off line-cutters,thieves and quashing general canteen mischief.He’s got the biceps for moving boxes around and we know he’s a reliable character as a former captain.But yes it was mostly the physique.”

Kennedy is the latest AFL player to take on a side-gig to supplement their income,joining Zac Tuohy,as a barrister,Jared Polec,as a McDonald’s shift manager and Sean Darcy,as a high voltage transmission pylon.

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