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30 other players breathe sigh of relief after Tiger duo done for night out.

A number of players inside the AFL’s Gold Coast hub today woke up groggily,and to the news that two of their comrades had been busted for breaching hub rules after a big night out.Tigers Stack and Coleman-Jones were banished back to Victoria,after visiting a strip club and ending up in a fracas outside of kebab shop.One player messaged BPB his thoughts,showing his support for the pair and justifying their decisions.

“I’m grateful for my incident-free trips to the rippers,this really could’ve happened to anyone and it’s really unfortunate that it was those two.You can’t expect us to sit in the spa or play Warzone every single night,you gotta mix it up every now and then.You spend all day everyday with 50 other blokes and you have to share rooms too.There’s absolutely zero privacy and some pressure builds up,I’m just saying.They’re red-blooded Aussies,they just wanted to see some girls dancing and smash a kebab afterwards,are you telling me that that’s not on?”

“If you wanted us to stay out of trouble,don’t put us up the road from Surfer’s Paradise,that’s all I’m saying.”

More to come.

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