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New machine learning algorithm capable of predicting when Hodgey will snap at BT

The professional relationship between newcomer Luke Hodge and seasoned caller Brian‘BT’Taylor has gotten off to a lukewarm start and the chemistry between the pair can now be quantifiably measured.Sport data science consultancy‘Titlewinner Data’has produced an algorithm to uncover when Hodgey will make a passive aggressive call in relation to a call from BT.James Edward gave some time to BPB to run through the findings.

“It’s not overly complex,it’s just some heuristics and running the stats on the ocean of data that we have from this season.Every time BT shoehorns in a useless fact,for example,a player’s parents running a fish and chip shop on the Mornington Peninsula,the likelihood of Hodgey giving a cold response goes up by 8%.Certain keywords or phrases can see this figure rise to 21%and even trigger a blunt call-out within 30 seconds.Phrases like“Calder Cannons footy factory”or“Mick Turner’s footy factory down there in Geelong”have that effect on Hodgey.”

“On the other end of the spectrum,Jobe Watson will tolerate just about anything that comes out of Taylor’s mouth,like an agreeable golden retriever,while Wayne Carey and Bruce straight up enable BT’s non-sequiturs and irrelevant factoids.”

“Our next project is building a predictive model on when James Bartel will finally acknowledge BT’s presence in the commentary box.”

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