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Clarko replaces long sleeves with paint-on jumpers

Invited into the Hawthorn rooms an hour before the bounce,this publication was privileged to witness a sight few are afforded.The pre-game warm up,the final talk from Clarko and most uniquely,the jumper painting ceremony wherein the classic gold and brown stripes are painted straight onto the player’s torsos.

Official jumper painter Nicole Holden provided some exclusive insights into the reasoning behind Hawthorn’s painted-on jumpers.

“The benefits are tenfold.They look tough because the opposition can see their muscles. The club saves money on purchasing the guernseys.And most importantly,the players go fast because of the streamlining.Clarko got rid of the sleeves years ago because it was dragging the players down.This is the next step.It’s all been researched by the cyclists.Next we shave their legs and they’ll really be flying.”

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