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Matt Rowell caught breaking hub restrictions to deliver food to firefighters,sing to elderly

Matt Rowell has left locals with full hearts this morning,as the first year Sun was spotted at a nursing home and fire department overnight,allegedly to commit a string of charitable acts.The AFL are not expected to hand out any punishment to the 19-year-old,with CEO Gillon McLachlan fronting the press on the first overall pick’s behalf with a prepared statement this morning:

“It might’ve been a silly thing to do,but given the reasons I think he’s done a really good thing here.He’s just such a great kid and couldn’t help giving back to the community during these difficult times.I’ve been told he was an absolute hit at the nursing home,taking time to not only sing carols for them,but to also listen to each and every one of their stories with interest.The fire department also loved his muffins,that were clearly made with love and care.At this stage,I can’t confirm or deny if Matt took a group of orphans to a K-Mart and let them pick whatever toys they wanted,but it really wouldn’t shock me,****I love Rowelly.There will be no repercussions for any of these acts.”

“It’s also Gold Coast’s last game of the season this weekend so they’re leaving anyway – no harm done really.”

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