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Report:More puzzling trade talks at Collingwood with Pies looking to offload other assets

Mere days after allegedly looking to trade star midfielder Adam Treloar,Collingwood are also reportedly looking to move on a number of club assets to shore up their midfield stocks.

These assets include but are not limited to Nathan Buckley’s Lexus with 4000km on the odometer,the club’s drought-breaking 2010 Premiership trophy and mega fan Joffa’s iconic gold jacket.

An insider spoke with BPB under the condition of anonymity.

“These are all good things to have but it’s hard to see them attaining and maintaining that elite status under current circumstances.Joffa’s moved to Fiji,that jacket’s never going to be the same.Bucks recently bought another Lexus so that first one’s as good as useless and that premiership was a whole decade ago–it has more value as a bargaining chip at the trade table.”

“With similar reasoning,we’re also willing to give up BT’s status as a Collingwood legend,Richmond can have him for the right price.We’ll have some needs in midfield next season–we can snag a Treloar-like player with all of these pieces.”

“The only non-negotiable are the prison bars–Koch can pry those out of my cold,dead hands.”

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