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GWS 2020 draft pick requests to be traded

The AFL trade and draft period is a time for hope and promise,but these feelings have evaporated overnight for Leon Cameron and the Giants with pick #10 in the upcoming AFL draft putting in a trade request.Draft pick #10 will become the latest Giant to take part in the annual ritual,following Aidan Corr,Zac Williams and Jeremy Cameron in departing the club this offseason.Presumably citing a vibe of uncertainty around the club after a disappointing year,draft pick #10 has not put forward any preferred destination,with the pick’s silence only indicating that it would rather be anywhere else.

Leon Cameron remains adamant that the pick will remain in GWS’ hands until it gets called on draft night.

“Obviously I was disappointed when I heard the news and also a bit blindsided to be honest,I didn’t know that draft picks could do that.The ball is in our court for this one.He’s not a player yet,he’s just an AFL construct,a number.You can be sure that we’re using him to get an up-and-coming kid who will look to go back to Victoria just before they’ve hit their peak.”

Geelong’s pick #13,slated to land at GWS if a Jeremy Cameron trade can be agreed upon is also rumoured to already be seeking an exit from the Giants.

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